Ranjit Doroszkiewicz

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This is how, one sunrise
Philocetete smiles for the camera,
As wind lift the ferns for Metis,
To the laurier cannelles,
Zeus laughs and says Ludicrus

Dylan spoke but when then he died,
Agamenon flashed, and cried,
Nobel Peace for pride
This is how one sunrise
A morning calm had died

This is how one sunrise
The Laurier Cannelles had laughed
As she smiles and winks to foolish folly and pride,
Star crossed and laughing in there ever ending wind
We rocked until they smiled and never left again

Until the ferns nodded yes
The trees have to die,
This is how one sunrise the trees have to die,
Love lift the firns to the laurier cannelles as she smiles and gazed
Life links the few and the angel she decends

Falling to the earth like the falling star she decends
Theis is how one sunrise she was born again

copyright © 2008 Ranjit Eugene Doroszkiewicz