Ranjit Doroszkiewicz

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"so in the tradition, we don't call it lucid dream, that's not a dream, there was a non dreaming state right, but there is a sense of lucidity it's called sleep of clear light, it's called sleep of clear light so in the Tibetan tradition there's a which something in the West don't talk, in the West there's a lot of dream analysis, you know, Freud and Jung and many many different approaches to dream analysis, but sleep, it's not discussed, so in a Buddhism there's whole another chapter is the sleep, because whole idea is, non dreaming state there is the possibility to be conscious, there is a possiblity to be aware and that awareness is called sleep of clear light."
Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche

"In war the other is dehumanized, but if you follow the course of the everyday, it's like, you start to see things differently"